VIDEO: BTS V Becomes a Cute Little Boy in Front of Gang Dong Won

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 7, 2022

VIDEO: BTS V Becomes a Cute Little Boy in Front of Gang Dong Won
V of K-pop boy group BTS was seen becoming an adorable little boy in front of actor Gang Dong Won. 

On June 6, a behind-the-scenes footage of the VIP premiere for Gang Dong Won's new movie 'Broker' was uploaded on one YouTube channel. 

While waiting for the premiere to begin, Gang Dong Won welcomed a special guest―V. 

V had returned to Korea sooner than his fellow members from the United States after their visit to the White House just to attend this premiere to show his support to Gang Dong Won. 
Gang Dong Won and VGang Dong Won and VIn this video, Gang Dong Won smiled and warmly welcomed V.  

Then, V walked over and shook hands with him. 

But it seemed like V felt awkward being there, because there were so many people around that he did not know. 

V wandered around with an awkward smile, looking lost. 

Then when Gang Dong Won was about to walk out of the waiting room, V went to link his arm with him so that he could walk out together. 

V almost seemed like Gang Dong Won's little brother, who needed his big brother to feel safe. 
Back in April, V and Gang Dong Won shared a photo of themselves taken in Las Vegas, the United States.

Even though they have an almost 15-year-age-gap, they were able to bond greatly as they are from the same town. 

Both V and Gang Dong Won are from a small town called Geochang-gun in Gyeongsangnam-do. 

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