AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun Spotted in Gangnam With a Girl? Agency Responds

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 7, 2022

Kim Dong Hyun of K-pop boy group AB6IX was spotted with a non-celebrity female, late at night in Gangnam-gu area.

On June 6, a photo of Kim Dong Hyun hugging a girl from the back on the street were shared online; fueling rumors that the AB6IX member is in a relationship.

Along with the photo, the original uploader shared, "I saw AB6IX's Kim Dong Hyun with a girl the other day."
AB6IXThe uploader explained, "While I was waiting for a cab yesterday, I noticed him when he took off his cap. As soon as I took the photo, he must have noticed it as he walked away while holding the girl's hand."

The uploader added, "My friend and I both had a good look at him. Believe what you want to believe, I will delete the photo soon."

Some fans noticed that the man in the photo is wearing the same T-shirt that Kim Dong Hyun wore when he was leaving a recent fan meeting, which took place on May 29.
AB6IXShortly after the dating rumors, Kim Dong Hyun's management agency BRANDNEW MUSIC stepped in and shared their official statement.

The agency stated, "It is true that Kim Dong Hyun had a gathering with his old friends. The photo was taken when Kim Dong Hyun was about to leave the gathering, and he went back home right after he sent his friends off."
AB6IX(Credit= Online Community, BRANDNEW MUSIC)

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