BLACKPINK JENNIE Has a Habit that She Wants to Break; Everyone Can Relate to Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 7, 2022

BLACKPINK JENNIE Has a Habit that She Wants to Break; Everyone Can Relate to Her
It turned out JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has the same habit that everybody else in the world has. 

On June 6, JENNIE updated her YouTube channel with a new video titled 'JENNIE's Selfcare Routines'. 

While talking about the things she does when she returns home from work, JENNIE said that she always tries to remove her make-up before she gets home so that she can head to the bathroom for a shower right away. 

JENNIE said, "So, I take a shower as soon as I get home, then dry my hair as fast as I can, then go to bed. That's my routine on the days when I have work. It's important to get things done quickly on these days."  

She continued, "But when I'm not very busy like that, I stretch my body to relax my muscles upon arriving home. I use massagers to massage my face and head as well. Before sleep, I apply stress-relieving natural oils on my body. I usually put on some citrus-based oil, because I like the scent of citrus." 

She added, "One other detail about my routine is that I'm always listening to music. I'm listening to music while I do all those things after I get home. There is also a kind of music that I listen to before I fall asleep." 
JENNIEJENNIEFollowing that, JENNIE mentioned her habit that she is working onto break these days―using her phone before bed. 

JENNIE stated, "Recently, I've been trying not to use my phone before bed. Using my phone before bed has been my habit for a long time, and I felt like it was about time I cure that." 

She went on, "I loved using my phone on bed before sleep, it's just too fun that I couldn't stop myself from doing it for ages. Nowadays though, I purposely turn my phone off during that time. Instead of using my phone, I would watch a movie or listen to music." 

She laughingly resumed, "I'm definitely trying to spend less time on my phone these days, but honestly, watching YouTube before bed is the best." 

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