"Although I've Just Got to Know Him, He Is..." Gang Dong Won Tells What He Thinks of BTS V

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 8, 2022

"Although I've Just Got to Know Him, He Is..." Gang Dong Won Tells What He Thinks of BTS V
Actor Gang Dong Won shared what he thinks of his new friend V of K-pop boy group BTS. 

On June 7, Gang Dong Won had an online interview with the press to talk about his new movie 'Broker'. 

During this interview, one reporter mentioned V returning early from the United States just to attend the VIP premiere for 'Broker' on June 2. 

V was recently in the U.S. for his visit to the White House with his fellow members, but came back to Korea by himself, sooner than the other guys to show his support to Gang Dong Won. 

Upon hearing this, Gang Dong Won responded, "Ah yes. I actually had no idea that he returned to Korea simply for me. I got to know after I met him at the premiere." 

He continued, "I felt really grateful for that. V messaged me following the premiere saying that he enjoyed the movie. It hasn't been too long since we've become friends, but he is kind, cute and brother-like." 
After that, Gang Dong Won revealed how him and V got to know each other. 

Gang Dong Won said, "V and I met through a mutual friend. V is from the same town―Geochang―as I am. I went to high school there. Apparently, he grew up listening to stories about me. I'm well-known in the town, so..." 

He went on, "V told one of his friends that he wanted to meet me. One day, when I was with Park Hyo-shin(singer), V's friend got V to join us. That was the first time I met him. After hanging out together on that day, we just naturally became close." 
V and Gang Dong WonV and Gang Dong WonBack in April, photos of Gang Dong Won and V taken in Las Vegas, the United States were shared online. 

Even though Gang Dong Won is almost 15 years older than V, it seemed like they were able to bond well as they are from the same town. 

Geochang is a small town in Gyeongsangnam-do, towards the south from the center of Korea. 

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