'Late 20s' Suzy Turns Into the Perfect High School Student

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 8, 2022

'Late 20s' Suzy Turns Into the Perfect High School Student
Singer/actress Suzy transformed into the perfect high school student even though she is in her late 20s in real life. 

On June 7, Suzy updated her Instagram with some new photos. 

The photos were behind-the-scenes photos from her upcoming series 'Anna'. 
SuzyIn the first photo, Suzy was in a school uniform, surrounded by other girls in a classroom. 

The second photo showed Suzy monitoring her acting through a screen with the same uniform on. 

It looks like she is monitoring herself from the scene filmed in that classroom, and she is seen concentrating hard with headphones. 
SuzyNot long later, the production team of 'Anna' also shared a photo of Suzy during the shooting of her series. 

The photo was of Suzy looking at high heels displayed in a store on the street, looking lost in deep thought. 

She was wearing a school uniform in this photo too. 
SuzyBorn on October 10 1994, Suzy is currently 27 years old.

But what was surprising was that she looked perfectly natural in these school uniforms. 

She could definitely pass for a teenager if anybody did not know who she was. 

Meanwhile, 'Anna' is expected to be unveiled on June 24. 

(Credit= 'skuukzky' Instagram) 

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