T.O.P Spotted Filming Something in NYC; A Possible Solo Comeback?

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 8, 2022

T.O.P of K-pop boy group BIGBANG was recently spotted in Manhattan, New York City, and fans are speculating his potential return as a solo artist.

On June 7, entertainment news outlet The Fact released photos of T.O.P, accompanied by many filming crew in Manhattan.

According to the report, T.O.P filmed in various locations throughout Manhattan on this day.
T.O.PT.O.PThe filming took place with high security, and the filming content will reportedly feature T.O.P's experimental work that combines movies, music, and art.

One insider shared, "It's hard to disclose specific details, but we are preparing this content as part of a large-scale comeback project that T.O.P has been preparing with his global partners."

The insider added, "The content will depict T.O.P with his many identities―including a singer, an actor, and as a human being."
T.O.PBIGBANGBack in April of this year, T.O.P announced that his contract with YG Entertainment came to an end after 16 years, and that he will start his independent career other than BIGBANG.

Industry insiders speculated that T.O.P will soon make his solo return with a collection of songs he worked on throughout his career.

(Credit= 'choi_seung_hyun_tttop' Instagram, Online Community, YG Entertainment)

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