Disbanded NU'EST Kim Jonghyeon Seen Checking His Birthday Ads Out in a Puppy Costume

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 8, 2022

Disbanded NU'EST Kim Jonghyeon Seen Checking His Birthday Ads Out in a Puppy Costume
Kim Jonghyeon of disbanded K-pop boy group NU'EST was spotted going around a mall, checking his birthday advertisements out in a cute puppy costume. 

At noon on June 8, Kim Jonghyeon notified the start of his birthday tour titled 'Jjong-yi Tour' via Instagram. 

A little while after the upload, a guy in an adorable puppy costume appeared at Starfield COEX Mall located in Samseong-dong, Seoul. 

Not only did he have his signature character Pokemon's Squirtle bag on the back, but he was also holding the 'Jjong-yi Tour' flag; it was obvious 'the puppy' was Kim Jonghyeon. Kim JonghyeonEvery year on his birthday, Kim Jonghyeon held the same sort of special event for fans, where he put a costume on and looked at birthday advertisements prepared by fans. 

Back in 2018, he turned into the Squirtle himself, and in 2019, he was a grizzly bear wearing a top hat and ribbon. 

Unfortunately though, he was unable to go on his birthday tour in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Kim JonghyeonWith this cute puppy costume, Kim Jonghyeon walked about the mall with his manager. 

They stopped at birthday advertisements, and 'the puppy' took a moment to appreciate fans' heartfelt gift. 

He was even seen 'crying' when watching one of the video birthday advertisements as well. 
At the end of the 'Jjong-yi Tour', Kim Jonghyeon also went into a photo booth to keep a record of the day. 

Fans watched him taking photos, and he made a gesture to fans that he liked the outcome. 

He uploaded the photos on his Instagram right away, and commented, "I had much fun. Eat lunch, everybody!" 
  Kim JonghyeonBorn on June 8 1995, Kim Jonghyeon turned 27 today. 

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