BTS' New Songs Deemed Unfit for Broadcast; But Fans Are Happy With the News?

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 8, 2022

Two songs from K-pop boy group BTS' upcoming album were deemed "unfit" for broadcast, but it seems like the group's fans, ARMY, are actually celebrating the news.

On June 8, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) announced that BTS' two new songs―'Run BTS' and 'Born Singer'―were deemed unsuitable for broadcast.

'Yet to Come', the title track of BTS' upcoming album 'Proof', was deemed suitable for broadcast.
BTSAccording to the broadcasting station, such decision was made due to the songs' lyrics include multiple cursing, slang, and crude language.

The songs that were deemed unfit will not be able to be broadcasted in any form, and BTS will not be able to perform the songs on music programs.
BTSMany Korean ARMYs, however, are celebrating the decision.

They commented, "This makes me anticipate the comeback even more.", "It's been a while since I've heard BTS' songs with explicit terms.", "I'm pretty sure that I would enjoy the songs even more.", "That's what BTS is good about! So excited.", and more.
BTSBTS' anthology album 'Proof' is set to be unveiled on June 10 at 12AM EST. 


(SBS Star)