"So Sweet!" G-DRAGON Seen Returning Bench Cushions for Female Stylists After a Musical

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 9, 2022

"So Sweet!" G-DRAGON Seen Returning Bench Cushions for Female Stylists After a Musical
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's leader G-DRAGON was spotted returning bench cushions for female stylists after watching singer SE7EN's musical together. 

On June 8, G-DRAGON updated his Instagram with two new posts. 

The first post was a video of SE7EN singing for his musical 'Volume Up', where he stars in as 'Kim Eun-soo'―a former ace K-pop trainee at a big entertainment company. 

The next post showed G-DRAGON and two stylists standing with SE7EN at the venue together. 

It seemed like G-DRAGON went to watch 'Volume Up' to show his support for SE7EN; G-DRAGON and SE7EN were under the same agency in the past. 
G-DRAGONSome lucky fans happened to watch the musical with G-DRAGON, and photos and videos were uploaded on social media soon after. 

When G-DRAGON was exiting the theater at the end of the musical, fans saw him showing the sweetest move to his stylists. 

Each audience had to return their bench cushion after the show, and G-DRAGON took his stylists' bench cushions that they were holding, and returned them himself. 

With three cushions in his hands, he walked over to the returning area as if it was his job from the beginning. 
Another thing that they noticed once he was out of the theater was that he had dyed his hair back to dark brown. 

Since G-DRAGON had light-colored hair for a long time, fans went wild at this fact as well. 

About this, fans left comments such as, "Didn't SE7EN leave YG Ent. almost 10 years ago? GD's such a loyal friend!", "He's so sweet for taking care of his stylists. What great manners!", "Oh, I missed seeing him with dark brown hair...!" and so on. 
G-DRAGON(Credit= Online Community, 'xxxibgdrgn' Instagram) 

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