HYBE Labels' Photo Editor Says, "There Is Nothing to Edit on BTS V & JIN's Photos"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 9, 2022

HYBE Labels' Photo Editor Says, "There Is Nothing to Edit on BTS V & JIN's Photos"
K-pop boy group BTS' photo editor shared that there is truly nothing to edit on the photos of the two group members V and JIN. 

Recently, one post that was shared by a photo editor who does business with HYBE Labels became the talk of the Internet. 

This particular photo editor has worked with BTS since their early debut days, and still works with them; his most recent BTS work includes cover photos for the group's upcoming album 'Proof'. 

He worked with actor Jung Hae In, actresses Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Yeon Seo and more, alongside other HYBE Labels' acts such as TOMORROW X TOGETHER and LE SSERAFIM. 
BTSIn his post, the photo editor wrote what it was like working with BTS years ago. 

The photo editor said, "I edited their first-ever magazine cover photos. The photographer tried to take the photos in the style that suited their hip-hop vibe. They were such babies back then though. They looked like babies!"

He continued, "Following the photoshoot, RM had an interview in the room where I was working on their photos, so I overheard parts of his answers." 

He went on, "I remember him telling the interviewer that he believes BTS is different to the rest of K-pop groups because they made their songs themselves. I felt his great passion for his work." 
BTSThen, the photo editor stated, "These days, I don't actually get to see them in real life, because I'm in a different room while the photos are being taken, so there are no fun stories to tell, but..." 

He resumed, "I just want to mention that V and JIN are the easiest guys to edit. There is honestly nothing to edit on their photos. V even specifically asks me not to retouch the shape of his face. But there was none to retouch to begin with, you know. I usually simply get rid of little blemishes on his face." 

Lastly, he added, "As for JIN, I think JIN looks better on videos than photos. It seems as if the current technology is unable to take in his defined facial features." 
BTS(Credit= 'retouchhh' Instagram, HYBE Labels) 

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