"Even Though She's a Top Star..." Bae Doo-na Tells What Makes Her Love & Adore IU

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 9, 2022

"Even Though She's a Top Star..." Bae Doo-na Tells What Makes Her Love & Adore IU
Actress Bae Doo-na shared what makes her love and adore singer/actress IU so much. 

Recently, Bae Doo-na sat down for an interview with the press. 

During the interview, Bae Doo-na talked about IU asking for her advice after she was asked to join a movie 'Broker'. 

Bae Doo-na said, "When I was busy filming 'The Silent Sea', IU asked me whether she should join 'Broker'. I was like, 'Of course! You have to join the movie! You must!' I was just confident that she would pull her role off really well."

She resumed, "I mean, I love her acting. Her acting is so bold, but strained at the same time. When she isn't expressive, she makes me want to look inside her mind." 

She continued, "I've always been a huge fan of IU. We worked for 'Persona' in 2019 together, and I was actually filming another series at that time. But I said I wanted to do 'Persona', mainly because I wanted to work with her." 
IUEven after this, Bae Doo-na carried on showing her love for IU, "She's incredibly adorable, don't you think? I love her more, as she is a great actress." 

The actress kept going, "Although she's top star and all, who is successful in the music as well as drama industry, my heart kept moving in her direction for some reason. When I look at her, I wonder if there is anything that she finds difficult in life. That's probably why I care for her so much." 
IUThen, Bae Doo-na mentioned IU's recent interview where she said she cried when she read her text. 

Bae Doo-na commented, "I had no idea that she cried over my text. I did send her a long text, because there were lots of things that I only kept to myself that I wanted to tell her. I didn't want to bother her or make her feel uncomfortable, so I'd been keeping a lot of stuff to myself until now." 

She went on, "After receiving a text from her recently, I've decided I finally wanted to let those stuff out of my heart.", then laughingly stated, "I've only got to say like one third of the stuff I want to tell her though." 
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