ITZY Members Share Why They Feel Thankful that YUNA Is Part of the Group

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 9, 2022

ITZY Members Share Why They Feel Thankful that YUNA Is Part of the Group
The members of ITZY shared why they feel so grateful that YUNA is in the group. 

Recently, one fan of ITZY compiled videos of ITZY where they talked about how precious YUNA is in ITZY. 

In the first video where RYUJIN speaks to YUNA, she said, "I don't remember what it was like before you joined us. When there were just four of us, we were never satisfied with ourselves. We're all that kind of people." 

She continued, "But you've brought such a big change to us. After you came, you were like, 'Our team's so amazing.', 'Our team's so great at this and that.' and so on. You've boosted our self-esteem. You gave us confidence." 

After saying that, RYUJIN looked YUNA in the eye and commented, "We needed you on our team. This has always been the place for you. So, I've always felt really grateful to you for that." 
ITZYThen, there was also a video of CHAERYEONG saying to YUNA, "You've consistently given me confidence. You'll even compliment the way I talked. You would tell me that I talked beautifully." 

She resumed, "I can't imagine ITZY without you, YUNA. We gain confidence from you before our comebacks. You make us laugh a lot as well." 

She went on, "We're lucky that we have YUNA in the group. Thank you so much for joining our team, YUNA." 

Her sincere words made YUNA cry, and CHAERYEONG sweetly wiped her tears on her cheeks. 
ITZYBefore ITZY made debut, there was initially only four of them who were making debut together. 

YUNA was the last one to join ITZY; she is the youngest member of the group. 

Born in December 2003, she was only 15 years old when she made debut in February 2019. 
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