VIDEO: CL Spotted Without Her Eye Make-up; She Looks like a Young Student

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 10, 2022

VIDEO: CL Spotted Without Her Eye Make-up; She Looks like a Young Student
K-pop artist CL was seen without her eye make-up on, and she looks almost as if she is a teenager. 

Recently, CL uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel titled, 'CL + Coachella 2NE1 [Chapter 1]'. 

The video showed CL and the rest of 2NE1 members―DARA, Park Bom and Minzy getting ready for their surprise reunion performance at 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' that took place in California, the United States back in April. 
CLWhere the video showed CL at the airport to catch her flight to Los Angeles, she was by herself only with her manager surrounded by the press. 

She commented as she walked, "Thank you for coming even though it's Sunday today. Actually, I regularly went to L.A. last year. But this time, I feel much more peaceful and calm." 

She continued, "I felt like I was remote from the rest of the world. I'm planning not to lose my focus until the end. I won't get injured as well." 

Then, she put her sunglasses on, waved goodbye towards the cameras around, and walked to the gate. 
CLAt that time, CL had a mask on, but had no eye make-up on. 

She usually puts a thick eye make-up on; she has her signature eye make-up. 

So, fans do not generally get a chance to see her without her eye make-up on, which meant that this was a quite unusual scene. 

Looking at CL without eye make-up almost took them back to the time when she had just made debut when she was 18 years old with babyish look. 

Even though it has been over ten years since, it seemed as if CL has not aged a single bit―she could totally pass for a teenager if anybody did not know her. 

About this particular scene, fans said things like, "Am I the only one who aged or what?!", "Wow, she looks super young without her eye make-up on!", "Unnie, please show us your cute no eye make-up look more often!" and so on.

(Credit= 'CL Official Channel' YouTube)  

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