Mijoo Shows Sadness About Always Dancing at the Back During Lovelyz's 'Ah-Choo' Performances

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 13, 2022

Mijoo Shows Sadness About Always Dancing at the Back During Lovelyz's 'Ah-Choo' Performances
Mijoo of disbanded K-pop girl group Lovelyz expressed sadness about the time when she was always at the back of her group members. 

On June 11 episode of MBC's television show 'Hangout with Yoo', Mijoo mentioned the time as a member of Lovelyz. 

On this day, the members of project group WSG Wannabe watched different K-pop performances to pick a song to perform together. 

While watching 'Wonderful love' performance by girl group MOMOLAND, Kim Sook commented, "Wow, I feel like all girl group members are great at making a pose at the end. Their ending poses are so eye-catching." 

Since Mijoo used to be a girl group member, she shared how the ending poses worked. 

Mijoo said, "I made a different ending pose for each of our performance for 'Ah-Choo'. In early debut days, I had to make poses that could potentially make the viewers' hearts flutter. I usually made an L with my fingers, then place it over my lips."  MijooAfter that, the production team played Lovelyz's 'Ah-Choo' performance to them.

But since they could not spot Mijoo easily throughout the performance, they asked her questions like, "Where are you? We can't see you at all.", "It is because the cameraman is too far from you or something?", "Why aren't you there?" and more. 

To this, Mijoo pulled a sad face and commented, "I've always been at the back during 'Ah-Choo' performances. I only had one line to sing for that song, so..." 

"Ahh... That's why I root for you even more than I should.", HAHA responded. 

Then, the production team showed them a compilation video of Mijoo making cute, sexy, happy and more ending poses, which made Mijoo blushed in embarrassment. 

As Yu Jae Seok watched this, he playfully said, "I can't stop laughing! It's making me want to throw up!", making Mijoo feel more embarrassed. 
MijooMijooFollowing Lovelyz's contract expiration with management agency Woollim Entertainment last year, the group officially disbanded. 

The members of Lovelyz parted ways and each joined a different one following that. 

Recently, Mijoo has been gaining a lot of attention with her 'crazy but cute' talks and actions on television shows. 

(Credit= Hangout with Yoo) 

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