WOOZI Shares a Shocking Number of Trainees Who Failed to Become SEVENTEEN

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 13, 2022

WOOZI Shares a Shocking Number of Trainees Who Failed to Become SEVENTEEN
WOOZI of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN shared a shocking number of trainees who tried becoming part of the group, but failed in the end. 

On June 11, one popular YouTuber uploaded a video of WOOZI's interview on his YouTube channel. 

During this interview, WOOZI talked about his trainee days to entering his eighth year in the industry this year. 

WOOZI said, "I began training when I was in the last year of middle school. I started living away from my family from then. As I used to spend all my time, including my sleeping time, training after school, I used to sleep at school all the time." 

He continued, "In my early trainee days, I didn't tell anybody at school that I was a trainee, even my homeroom teacher didn't know. I didn't want them to think that I was showing off, so I kept that completely to myself at middle school."
WOOZIWOOZIThen, WOOZI told how he came to become a songwriter, "I write lots of songs now, but I honestly had no idea that I would be writing songs in the past." 

He went on, "When I was a trainee, there was nothing besides singing and dancing I could do even in my spare time. Writing songs was something that I could do that the staff at our agency wouldn't give me this look for if I was doing it. That's pretty much how I ended up writing songs." 

WOOZI resumed to speak about the days when he was a trainee, "Actually, there were about 60 trainees who joined, then left or asked to leave by our agency from the moment I joined them until the time I made debut."

He carried on, "As a countless number of people came and went, I started to feel that getting close to them was something that I shouldn't do. I thought I would get hurt, if I became to them, but they were gone all of a sudden one day. It's sad, but I kept my distance from all trainees until I made debut." 

He added, "It's my eighth year in the K-pop world, but I feel like I don't know many people in the industry. A lot of groups that I promoted in the past are gone as well. They're either on a long break from group promotions, or gone different ways to each other after disbandment that I feel quite awkward when attending events or going to music shows. They're so many new groups now."  

The 13-member group SEVENTEEN made debut with a debut track 'Adore U'—their first hit song—in May 2015. 

All 13 of them recently renewed their contract with their agency Pledis Entertainment. 

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