BTS Members Reveal Whether They Rewatch Their Past Music Videos

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 13, 2022

It seems like the members of K-pop boy group BTS will give different answers to a question, "Do you guys ever watch your past music video again?"

On June 11, the seven members of BTS sat down for a special comeback live broadcast, in celebration of the release of the group's anthology album 'Proof'.

Since the music video of the album's title track 'Yet To Come' contains many references to BTS' past contents, fans had to watch BTS' older music videos.
BTSDuring the live broadcast, the members admitted that the new music video made them feel emotional, as it contains their history in chronological order.

JUNGKOOK said, "I saw all of our past performances today, starting from our debut music video."

To this, RM revealed, "Me too, I do that once a year."
BTSSUGA jokingly added, "I only do that when I'm really drunk," while JIMIN says, "I do that when I feel emotional and depressed."

SUGA added, "Whenever I watch (our old music videos), I also listen to our past songs a lot. I find it encouraging."
BTSUpon seeing JIN's facial expression, V laughingly teased JIN, saying, "He doesn't understand (why they watch old music videos again) at all."
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