Security Guard Catches Kim Tae Ri Taking a Video of BONA at WJSN Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 13, 2022

Security Guard Catches Kim Tae Ri Taking a Video of BONA at WJSN Concert
Actress Kim Tae Ri was caught taking a video of girl group WJSN's member BONA at the group's concert. 

On June 11, the first day of WJSN's concert 'WONDERLAND' was held at Olympic Hall, Seoul. 

Fans happened to spot a familiar-looking girl in the seating area, and that was Kim Tae Ri. 

According to fans, Kim Tae Ri showed energetic support for BONA and the rest of the girls throughout the concert. 

Every time BONA was seen on screen, she shouted, "Ko Yoo-rim!", and laughed hard when SEOLA jokingly commented to BONA, "Hey, athlete." 
Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri also apparently got caught by a security guard, taking a video of BONA. 

Fans stated that the security guards overlooked a lot of fans who were taking a photo/video with a phone, so it was funny that Kim Tae Ri got caught. 

When she got caught, she awkwardly laughed and covered her face in extreme embarrassment. 
Kim Tae RiAt the end of the concert, the members of WJSN went around the sitting area to say their goodbye closer to them.

As the WJSN members came closer to Kim Tae Ri, she screamed and waved to them hard. 

It was just so Kim Tae Ri-like way of enjoying a concert that fans laughed when they read these posts. 
Kim Tae RiKim Tae Ri and BONA starred in this year's popular drama 'Twenty Five Twenty One' as besties 'Na Hee-do' and 'Ko Yoo-rim' at high school, but they are also both skilled fencers who constantly had to compete against each other. 

(Credit= 'exy_s2' Instagram, 'gajiggo' Twitter, Online Community) 

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