Gang Dong Won Tells How Much He Enjoyed Reading Comments Under His Woodworking Video

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 13, 2022

Gang Dong Won Tells How Much He Enjoyed Reading Comments Under His Woodworking Video
Actor Gang Dong Won shared that he had much fun reading comments under his woodworking video. 

Recenlty, Gang Dong Won sat down for a press interview at one coffee shop in Jong-ro, Seoul. 

During the interview, one reporter mentioned Gang Dong Won's recent woodworking videos. 

The videos showed all steps of Gang Dong Won making a wooden table for himself.

Throughout the videos, he just concentrates on the work, and speaking to the staff for their advice and opinions, but they surprisingly went super viral online. 

Lots of fans went wild and totally extra about his beauty in the comment section; their comments included, "This was the most fun video I've watched this year.", "The best 35 minutes of my life.", "I had no idea that I liked woodworking.", "You should've let me know about these videos sooner! You should've sent me an emergency text or something!" and more. 
Gang Dong WonRegarding this, Gang Dong Won said, "Some think that the videos were uploaded on my channel, but it's not my channel. I planned on making a table for myself, and one of my friends suggested that I get that on videos." 

He continued, "While he was filming me, he was like, 'Why don't we upload these on a YouTube channel? So, I was like, 'Do whatever you wish.' That's how I ended up being on those YouTube videos." 

Then, Gang Dong Won shared whether he will make any more videos in the future, or will start social media soon. 

Gang Dong Won commented, "I'll do more videos if anything interesting comes up, but making videos is not my top priority. I also don't have any plans on starting social media. I believe it's not my sort of thing.", then laughed. 
Gang Dong WonAfter that, the actor talked about reading comments left under the videos, "The comments were hilarious. They were creative as well." 

He went on, "They only said good things about me, so I was able to kind of heal myself reading those comments. They weren't trying to fight against each other, you know. I enjoyed reading them." 
Gang Dong Won(Credit= '모노튜브' YouTube) 

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