V & JUNGKOOK Make BTS Members Laugh with Their Answer to "What Was Your Best Moment as BTS?"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 14, 2022

V & JUNGKOOK Make BTS Members Laugh with Their Answer to "What Was Your Best Moment as BTS?"
V and JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS made their fellow members laugh with their answer to when their best moment as BTS was.

On June 13, BTS streamed their comeback performance as well as interview live on YouTube. 

Following the performance, the seven guys sat down for a talk together that was led by RM. 

RM asked, "Just like the title of the song that we just performed, BTS' best moment is 'Yet to Come', but I'm sure each of us has the best moments up to now. What was your best or most memorable moment as BTS so far? Shall we briefly all share our answer from J-HOPE?"

J-HOPE said, "For me, it's the day when BTS was born―June 13. That day means a lot to me. That was probably the best moment for me so far. I still get emotional thinking about it." 

JIMIN answered, "BTS isn't BTS without concerts. In my opinion, the day we had our very first group concert was the beginning of our best moments." 
BTSSUGA responded, "Well, I'd say that it's the day when we had our showcase on June 12, 2013. I still remember that small hall in the basement at Ilchi Art Hall, King Kong building. I still remember it, vividly. I've been thinking about that day a lot lately." 

Then, it was RM's turn, "There were many great moments, but remember how we used to say we weren't going to retire before performing at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena? We used to say that like all the time." 

He continued, "So, I think the day when we held our concert there for the first time was the best moment for me. It was 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life ON STAGE : EPILOGUE' concert, I believe." 
BTSV smiled and commented, "I would like to pick those days when JUNGKOOK would start to cry when I asked, 'Are you crying?' That was the greatest moment for me."  

To this, J-HOPE laughingly stated, "That's the best moment for you? We're entering our 10th year in the industry, and that's your best moment? That's very... Nice and simple, I guess!" 

V explained, "JUNGKOOK has changed now. We won't ever see that side of him again, you know. Everyone changes over time, and I've changed too, so..." 
BTSJUNGKOOK shared, "Although there were so many great moments, the best moment was the day when I joined this company. That day totally changed my future." 

He playfully added, "I think BTS wouldn't exist without me. So... Thank you.", quickly wrapping up his answer before the members said anything more. 

As RM listened to his words, he laughingly said to the production crew, "Please edit everything else but this part. Just what JUNGKOOK said in the video that's to be released." 

JUNGKOOK apologized with a big smile, "Sorry! It was a joke."

Lastly, JIN said, "I know I need to pick one specific moment, but every single moment was truly the best moment for me.", making the rest of BTS members impressed. 

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