BTS V Takes a Nap During a Live Broadcast When Millions of Fans Were Watching It

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 14, 2022

BTS V Takes a Nap During a Live Broadcast When Millions of Fans Were Watching It
Millions of fans witnessed K-pop boy group BTS' member V taking a nap during a live broadcast. 

On June 13, V went live on NAVER V LIVE for about an hour and a half. 

It took place in V's recording studio at the agency building after the group's music show recording for their comeback.

He explained that all other members of BTS had gone home, and he was the only one at the agency. 

About an hour in, V suddenly said, "Why don't we use a little bit of our time to take a nap? Let's take a quick nap, then come back, okay?"

Right after saying this, he went to turn the lights off in the studio and ran to the restroom. 
VWhen he returned from the restroom, he sat back down on his comfortable-looking office chair in the dark. 

Then, he commanded voice-activated smart speakers to wake him up in 10 minutes, which the speakers immediately copied. 

At that time, about 5.3 million fans were watching his live broadcast. 

But he did not seem bothered by how many people would watch him take a nap at all. 
VHe leaned back, and closed his eyes, but only a few minutes after that, a staff knocked on the door to give him some water. 

After receiving the water bottle, he closed his eyes again and played some calm music to help him fall asleep. 

He opened his eyes several minutes later, and laughingly said, "I didn't fall asleep. I just closed my eyes, everyone.", then continued the live broadcast for about 10 more minutes. 

(SBS Star)