Kim Young Dae Is More than Willing to Make His Relationship Public If He Is in One?

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 14, 2022

Kim Young Dae Is More than Willing to Make His Relationship Public If He Is in One?
Actor Kim Young Dae shared that he is more than willing to make his relationship public if he is ever in one. 

Recently, Kim Young Dae sat down for an interview after wrapping up his drama 'Shooting Stars' that he starred in with actress Lee Sung Kyoung. 

In the drama, Kim Young Dae played the role of 'Kang Yoo-sung', a top star in a secret relationship with 'Oh Han-byul' (Lee Sung Kyoung), who is in charge of public relations at his management agency. 
Kim Young DaeDuring the interview, Kim Young Dae was asked how likely he thinks that sort of thing could happen in real life. 

Kim Young Dae said, "Well, I think the possibility is very low. In order for one's relationship to develop to that point, you must have spent a long time with each other. There are some stars who married their manager, and I believe that was only possible because they spent so much time together." 

He continued, "If it's not that, I think it would be hard to develop the feeling of love for one another, since both of you will be too busy with your own work. But of course, there's always an exception, you know. It might be possible, almost like fiction." 
Kim Young DaeAfter that, one reporter mentioned the ending of the drama, where 'Kang Yoo-sung' made his longtime relationship with 'Oh Han-byul' finally public. 

Then, the reporter asked Kim Young Dae, "If you had a girlfriend, would you go public with your relationship?"

Kim Young Dae responded, "If I had a girlfriend, I don't think there would be any reason why I shouldn't make our relationship public. Is it really necessary to hide that?" 

He went on, "Now that it's been some time since I've made debut, I know how big the responsibility that comes with this career. So, I believe I would start a relationship with someone considering all that from the beginning." 

He added, "If I were taking that many things into account and thinking that hard about our relationship, then I'm sure it's a pretty serious relationship. I don't think I would choose to keep it a secret." 
Kim Young Dae(Credit= OUTER KOREA) 

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