IU Wrote This Song While Filming 'Broker'

By  JW Yoo  | Jun 14, 2022

Singer/actress IU revealed that she wrote her song 'Strawberry Moon' when she was busy filming her latest movie 'Broker'.

Recently, IU sat down for her 'Broker' press interview and talked about her singing and acting career.
IUWhen asked what's the difference between singer IU and actress Lee Ji-eun, she said, "There are some people who feel awkward about me being an actress because I have more career as a singer. However, I don't think the two are different."

She explained, "Whether it's acting or singing, the way I express myself are the same. I feel that music and acting are pretty similar. When you think of a recording studio and the filming process, they're much alike."
IUThe singer/actress then revealed that she often write lyrics for her songs during her shooting as an actress.

IU said, "I actually write a lot of lyrics while filming. While I was in preparation for 'Broker', I made 'Strawberry Moon'. The two activities help each other, and I have to say I'm greedy when it comes to acting and singing."

She added, "Since I've been a solo singer for a long time, I sometimes wanted to feel a sense of belonging. I quench such thirst by acting. 'Broker' was like a soccer team; so I was like, I have to do my part well and success in scoring.'"
IUIU also hinted at her upcoming return as a singer.

"Actually, I've been busy writing music," she said, "Since it's my first work in my 30s, I want to show a different perspective from my 20s. I want to be better at what I can't do, and I want to be more confident in what I'm good at."

(Credit= CJ ENM, EDAM Entertainment)

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