Cho A-ram Says, "Lee Kwang Soo Is Really Professional; I Learned So Much from Him"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 14, 2022

Cho A-ram Says, "Lee Kwang Soo Is Really Professional; I Learned So Much from Him"
Disbanded K-pop girl group gugudan/actress Cho A-ram shared that she was amazed how actor Lee Kwang Soo professional was during their drama shooting. 

Recently, Cho A-ram had an interview with the press to talk about her recently-ended mystery-comedy drama 'The Killer's Shopping List'. 

In 'The Killer's Shopping List', starring Lee Kwang Soo and actress Seolhyun, Cho A-ram played a role of a part-timer at MS Supermarket. 
Cho A-ramAs this drama marked Cho A-ram's debut project as an actress, she was asked what her first-ever acting project was like.

Cho A-ram answered, "I was lucky to be part of such a great project from the beginning of my acting career. Not only the drama itself was amazing, but I was also able to work with incredible actors/actresses." 

She continued, "I was nervous since it was my first time acting on site, but everybody was super nice to me. They helped me out a lot. All cast members made the vibe of our site vibrant and enjoyable. I had lots of fun filming the drama." 

She went on, "I especially learned a lot from Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung. They're both very attentive, caring and full of energy. They always put in their best effort into every scene. I felt like they were the main people who led everybody on site as well." 
Cho A-ramThen, Cho A-ram pointed out a specific moment when Lee Kwang Soo demonstrated his professionalism. 

The actress said, "There was a scene where Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Gyo Yeop were seriously speaking about how they were going to save Ahn Se-bin. There was nothing on our script that said about Lee Kwang Soo hitting Lee Gyo Yeop, but Lee Kwang Soo suddenly slapped Lee Gyo Yeop on the lips while talking." 

She resumed, "I shouldn't have laughed then, but I just couldn't help but to laugh out loud. The whole team laughed, including the actors, actresses and production crew, as they saw him unexpectedly slapping his lips. I did see Lee Kwang Soo asking Lee Gyo Yeop to be excused before filming that scene, but I had no idea that he was going to slap him like that." 

"But Lee Kwang Soo didn't laugh at all. He just continued his acting as if he heard nobody laugh. I was really impressed by that.", Cho A-ram added. 
Cho A-ram(Credit= 'i_joaram' Instagram) 

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