woo!ah! WOOYEON Used to Train at SM Ent.; K-pop Fans Say It Is No Wonder SM Ent. Picked Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 15, 2022

woo!ah! WOOYEON Used to Train at SM Ent.; K-pop Fans Say It Is No Wonder SM Ent. Picked Her
It was revealed that WOOYEON of K-pop girl group woo!ah! used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment, and K-pop fans are saying that it is no wonder the agency picked her in the first place. 

Recently, the head of woo!ah!'s management agency nv Entertainment Kim Gyu-sang featured in a YouTube video by entertainer Kim Gu-ra. 

In this video, Kim Gyu-sang shared how he recruited WOOYEON. 

Kim Gyu-sang said, "WOOYEON used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment. After she parted ways with SM Entertainment, I asked her to join my agency." 

He resumed, "Her parents rejected my offer at first. But I chased after them for like 10 months in order to change their mind." 
WOOYEONOne of the top management agencies in Korea―SM Entertainment is known for debuting K-pop groups consisting of exceptionally good-looking members.

K-pop fans even say that there is a preferred appearance by SM Entertainment, and they call it the 'SM Entertainment look'.

Last week, woo!ah! made a comeback with the title track 'Danger'. 

As they have been so actively promoting 'Danger' on music shows, K-pop fans happened to pay closer attention to their performances. 

While doing so, they discovered that WOOYEON gave off this familiar vibe. 
WOOYEONWhen they found out that WOOYEON actually used to train at SM Entertainment, they all went, "Oh, no wonder she gave off such a vibe!" 

It seemed like WOOYEON had the 'SM Entertainment look' that many SM Entertainment artists has, and that was why fans thought she had the appearance they had seen somewhere before. 
WOOYEONwoo!ah! is a 5-member group that made debut in May 2020. 

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