One Casting Director Tries to Cast 3 EPEX Members as Potential Actors in a Coffee Shop

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 15, 2022

One Casting Director Tries to Cast 3 EPEX Members as Potential Actors in a Coffee Shop
One casting director said to have asked three members of K-pop boy group EPEX―BAEKSEUNG, MU and WISH whether they want to make debut as actors when they were in a coffee shop. 

On June 14, WISH took to the group's official fan messenger to tell fans an intriguing story. 

WISH said, "I was with BAEKSEUNG and MU today. We went to a coffee shop together, and something completely unexpected happened there." 

The leader of EPEX continued, "We got approached by a casting director. We were so surprised. The casting director gave us a business card, and asked if we were interested in entering the acting industry as actors." 
EPEXHe went on, "He/she first asked us, 'Would it be alright if you guys told me what you do?' So, I was going to just tell him/her that we were trainees. But BAEKSEUNG told the casting director who we really were. BAEKSEUNG told him/her that we were the members of EPEX." 

He resumed, "But it didn't seem like he/she knew EPEX at all. So, BAEKSEUNG continued to explain who we were by letting him/her know who were in the group, who were our labelmates and so on." 

WISH laughingly added, "It was such a cool experience, because I haven't had this sort of experience after debut." 
EPEXIt seemed like the casting director approached them, and hoped they joined the agency he/she worked for to debut them as actors, without knowing that they were K-pop stars. 

BAEKSEUNG, MU and WISH are the three tallest members of the group; BAEKSEUNG is 186cm (6.1ft), WISH and MU are 184cm (6ft). 

As they are all also very good-looking that they most certainly stood out among the coffee shop customers. 

It was not too surprising that they caught the eye of the casting director in the coffee shop. 
EPEXEPEX is a 8-member group that made debut in June last year under C9 Entertainment, where K-pop acts such as CIX, cignature, YOUNHA, Lee Seok Hoon and more belong. 

(Credit= Online Community, 'epex.official' Instagram) 

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