'Running Man's Crazy Girl' Jeon So Min Is Actually an Introvert?

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2022

'Running Man's Crazy Girl' Jeon So Min Is Actually an Introvert?
Actress Jeon So Min revealed that she is not an extrovert like most people thought, but in fact an introvert. 

On June 15, Jeon So Min updated her Instagram with an interesting post. 

The post included Jeon So Min's personality test result that says she is a mediator (INFP), out of 16 types of personalities. 

Over this test result, Jeon So Min wrote, "I thought long and hard answering the questions, and this is what I ended up with." 
Jeon So MinThen, Jeon So Min shared a screenshot that showed what weaknesses mediators have. 

In the test result, it said, "They're usually quite conscious of what others think of them. It could come as a huge stress to them if they start to be too conscious of others." 

It also said, "When someone points something out about them, their self-esteem goes down hill without them even knowing it themselves. They might get depressed this way. It'll take them a long time to recover as well." 

Lastly, it stated, "Note that they're the kind of people who have severe mood swings. Plus, they don't tend to give themselves enough credit for what they do. So, make sure to keep that in mind." 

On top of this screenshot, Jeon So Min wrote, "Sooooo true!" 
Jeon So MinJeon So Min joined 'Running Man' in 2017, about seven years after the show began to air. 

Even though she was not the 'original' member of 'Running Man', she has received much love from the moment she joined the show. 

Her crazy, goofy and funny personality played a big part in this, and there are a great number of fans around the world who love her. 

Since she seemed like a total extrovert on 'Running Man', it was surprising that she is actually an introvert. 
Jeon So Min(Credit= 'jsomin86' 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram) 

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