BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Interview Tells How He Became a Trendsetter

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2022

BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Interview Tells How He Became a Trendsetter
G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG's recent magazine interview gave some explanations to how the K-pop star became a trendsetter. 

On June 15, fashion magazine VOGUE KOREA released an interview of G-DRAGON online. 

During the interview, G-DRAGON talked about himself as G-DRAGON as well as 33-year-old Kwon Ji-yong. 

About a question if there is any new music that you find interesting and fresh, G-DRAGON answered, "I get to listen to and admire the creations of artists around the world. That's such a great privilege and such a pleasure." 

He continued, "I have an appreciation for so much that I've encountered, so I can't narrow it down to what's fresh and interesting. It's all good. From new ways that language is being used to popular memes online, I find it all fascinating." 
G-DRAGONAfter that, he was asked, "As an artist, your interests are often veiled to the public. What books, movies or artworks have you indulged in recently?" 

The BIGBANG's leader stated, "I've been reading a lot lately. I've also been watching at least two movies a day. I enjoy reading and taking in new inspiration. Honestly, I'm just as curious about my own interests as everyone else." 

He went on, "Curiosity is an important part of who I am, and this world has so much to be curious about. And over time, I've found my curiosity broadening and my thoughts on art becoming more multifaceted." 

The next question was, "As an individual and as a musician, what has been your raison d’être, your driving force?", which he responded, "I would say that it changes from moment to moment. But as an individual, Kwon Ji-yong is driven by dreams and values. As an artist, G-DRAGAON is empowered and nourished by fans."

He carried on, "I got to where I'm through music, and I'll continue making music because of the people who've repaid my efforts and love. There are set standards, core values and people I care deeply about. I've tried to honor these things in my daily life and doing so has helped me pay closer attention to details and find the strength to improve." 
G-DRAGONThen, the interviewer commented, "Previously, you've said that you keep current with what's popular, with what people are into. Can you walk us through your thought process?" 

G-DRAGAON answered, "I'm a pop musician, so I have to pay close attention to pop trends. That said, I want to clarify that I'm less concerned with trends than with what fans are into―having conversations with them and vibing together." 

He added, "I stay tuned in to pop, and I need to stay aware and educated about current issues with pop. In this way, I can stay motivated and absorb influences. I'm genuinely curious about what's happening here and now, I think I have a deeply ingrained ability to read trends and vibes." 
G-DRAGON(Credit= 'xxxibgdrgn' 'voguekorea' Instagram) 

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