Cho Hyun-young Gets Angry Thinking Back to When DINDIN Moved On Right After They Broke Up

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2022

Cho Hyun-young Gets Angry Thinking Back to When DINDIN Moved On Right After They Broke Up
Disbanded K-pop girl group Rainbow Cho Hyun-young became angry while thinking back to the time when hip-hop artist DINDIN moved on right after they broke up. 

On June 16, Channel S' new television show 'Hey, Heart! Stop Beating So Fast' (literal translation) released an edited video of their upcoming episodes. 

In one part of the video, DINDIN and Cho Hyun-young were seen sitting next to each other with a heart rate monitor. 

They are known to be nothing more than friends now, but used to actually date one another for about two weeks back in middle school; it is said that DINDIN dumped Cho Hyun-young. 
DINDIN and Cho Hyun-youngDINDIN said, "When I was in my last year of middle school, we were in the same class and I happened to sit next to Hyun-young. I thought she was really pretty, so I thought to myself, 'I've got to make her mine.'" 

He continued, "I asked her out one day, and she said yes, so we began going out. But about two weeks later, another girl asked me out. She was much kinder than Hyun-young, so I wanted to be with her more. I immediately broke up with Hyun-young and went out with that girl." 

As Cho Hyun-young listened to this, her heart rate went up and commented in anger, "You've moved on straight away, it's too fast! There was literally no time between me and her!"

DINDIN playfully responded, "Are you still holding on to the past? That's really pathetic of you."  
DINDIN and Cho Hyun-youngThen, Cho Hyun-young revealed that there was this time when they did not talk or see one another for ages.

Cho Hyun-young stated, "We didn't talk or see each other for like three years once. It was after DINDIN leaned on me following some drinks, and was like, 'You look sort of pretty today.' I shouted at him saying, 'What the... You son of a...!'" 

She continued with a mysterious smile, "But things might have turned out differently between us if I were drunk at that time, too." 

DINDIN laughed and added, "I mean, you never know what's going to happen when a man and woman are in the room alone, drinking together." 
DINDIN and Cho Hyun-young(Credit= Channel S Hey, Heart! Stop Beating So Fast) 

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