Kim Woo Bin & Han Ji Min Say to Have Taken Amazing Care of Jung Eun Hye During 'Our Blues' Shooting

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2022

Kim Woo Bin & Han Ji Min Say to Have Taken Amazing Care of Jung Eun Hye During 'Our Blues' Shooting
It was shared that actor Kim Woo Bin and actress Han Ji Min took great care of Jung Eun Hye―actress with Down syndrome―while filming their drama 'Our Blues' together. 

On June 16, Jung Eun Hye and 'Our Blues' director Seo Dong-il and writer Jangcha Hyun-sil's press interview was released online. 
Jung Eun HyeDuring the interview, Jung Eun Hye told what it was like to work with Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin. 

Jung Eun Hye stated with a smile, "It was incredible to work with the two. They treated me so well. They adored me." 

Jangcha Hyun-sil commented, "Everyone was jealous of Eun Hye, because she held hands with Woo Bin everywhere she went." 

Seo Dong-il said, "Both Woo Bin and Ji Min are top stars, but they honestly took such great care of Eun Hye on site that they completely melted my heart." 

He continued, "Woo Bin always made sure Eun Hye wore her coat well; he was worried that she would feel cold, and he also got her a chair when he thought her legs hurt." 

He resumed, "Ji Min was like Eun Hye's manager. She went to the restroom with her, practiced lines with her, and spent time together during breaks." 
Jung Eun HyeThen, it was revealed that they personally talk to each other via mobile messenger as well. 

The director said, "Before our shooting began, they met for a meeting once. At that time, I got Woo Bin and Ji Min to call Eun Hye by 'noona' and 'unnie', since they're younger than Eun Hye in real life, but older in the drama. I wanted to make sure that Eun Hye didn't get confused when the shooting began." 

He went on, "Woo Bin and Eun Hye exchanged their phone number so that they could get closer, and Ji Min also asked if it was okay for her to contact her outside work. They apparently message each other all the time." 

To this, Jangcha Hyun-sil laughingly responded, "We wondered what sort of things they talked about, so we asked Eun Hye if she could show their conversation, but she wouldn't show it to us. That's apparently never happening." 
Jung Eun HyeIn 'Our Blues', Jung Eun Hye played Han Ji Min's twin sister who has Down syndrome, and Kim Woo Bin acted as Han Ji Min's boyfriend. 

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