JAY B Shares It Almost Felt like a Dream Promoting as GOT7 Again

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 20, 2022

JAY B Shares It Almost Felt like a Dream Promoting as GOT7 Again
K-pop boy group GOT7's leader JAY B revealed that everything felt surreal when he was promoting as part of GOT7 again. 

A short while ago, JAY B sat down for an interview with fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN after a photo shoot. 

During the interview, JAY B was asked about GOT7's recent reunion. 

JAY B stated, "All members of GOT7 were more than willing to make this reunion happen. I didn't really have to do anything; the only thing I did was to start it."

He continued, "I felt like I was dreaming throughout our promotion. I feel the happiest and proudest about the fact that we were able to keep our promise to fans that we would return together." 

He resumed, "The one thing that surprised me was that our latest album did much better than we had imagined. If it didn't do as well as we thought, it would probably be harder for us to take a next step as a group." 
GOT7Then, JAY B mentioned the kind of music that he has been working on these days. 

The GOT7 leader said, "The majority of my music derives from hip-hop and R&B, but I'm not limiting myself to those genres when making songs or deciding songs for myself." 

He went on, "Whether it's pop, dance or R&B, I always just go for the genres that appeal to me the most at that exact moment I'm in."  
GOT7Debuted in January 2014, GOT7 released a great number of hit tracks including, 'A', 'Stop stop it', 'If You Do', 'Hard Carry', 'Lullaby' and so on. 

At the end of their contract with JYP Entertainment in January 2021, all seven members of the group left the agency and each joined a different one. 

Then in May this year, GOT7 made a comeback for the first time as the same GOT7 after parting ways with JYP Entertainment. 

They also held a fan concert 'HOMECOMING with I GOT 7' in the middle of last month.  
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