"I Feel like I've Been Acting My Whole Life" Lee Hyo-ri Says She Thinks She Is Acting as 'Lee Hyo-ri'

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 20, 2022

"I Feel like I've Been Acting My Whole Life" Lee Hyo-ri Says She Thinks She Is Acting as 'Lee Hyo-ri'
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri shared that she sometimes believes she is acting as 'Lee Hyo-ri'. 

On June 17 episode of TVING's television show 'Seoul Check-in', Lee Hyo-ri was seen spending time with actress Lee Jung Eun and K-pop artist Uhm Junghwa. 

As Lee Jung Eun was Lee Hyo-ri's acting instructor in the past, their conversation naturally led to acting. 
Lee Hyo-riWhile doing so, Lee Hyo-ri shared her interesting thought, "Sometimes, I feel like I've been acting my whole life. I feel like Lee Hyo-ri, the celebrity, is not real; it's someone that I act to be." 

She continued, "These days, I keep thinking to myself, how many hours in a day do I get to be me, the real me? You two know that I don't usually wear accessories like these. And put this kind of make-up on." 

She explained, "Even for this show, I know that there are cameras around filming me, and I know how to look more natural in them. Over time, I learned ways to look natural in front of camera." 
Lee Hyo-riThen, Lee Hyo-ri was asked whether she feels comfortable to act that way. 

The K-pop artist answered, "No, not at all. It makes me feel uncomfortable, but I just happened to learn how to look natural when cameras are rolling without myself knowing it. I somehow picked those up, and am using that knowledge and skill when I'm around cameras." 

She resumed, "So, I sometimes wonder if I'm still acting as Lee Hyo-ri, the celebrity. I'm like, 'Really? I'm still playing the role as Lee Hyo-ri, the celebrity, even though I'm over 40s?'" 
Lee Hyo-riSince her debuted in 1998 as a member of K-pop girl group FIN.K.L, Lee Hyo-ri enjoyed immense public popularity. 

Lee Hyo-ri turned solo in 2003, and all her solo tracks made great hits. 

After marrying singer Lee Sang-soon in 2013, Lee Hyo-ri led a quiet life in Jeju Island, without appearing on television much and releasing music. 

(Credit= TVING Seoul Check-in, Esteem Entertainment) 

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