SOYOU Talks About the Time When She Saw Female & Male Celebrity Having a Date at Han River

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 21, 2022

SOYOU Talks About the Time When She Saw Female & Male Celebrity Having a Date at Han River
K-pop artist SOYOU spoke about the time when she spotted a female and male celebrity having a date at Han River. 

On June 20 episode of MBN's television show 'A Vacation in Hotel Suites' (literal translation), SOYOU, singer Son Dam Bi and actress Ye Ji Won went to Han River for a picnic. 

During the picnic, Son Dam Bi mentioned that Han River's parking lot has become a new date spot for youngsters, "They apparently have a date in the parking lot, have a picnic in their car. It's a thing these days." 
SOYOUAs SOYOU heard this, she commented, "Oh! I've seen a female and male celebrity having a car-picnic date here.", making Son Dam Bi and Ye Ji Won's eyes twinkle in excitement and curiosity. 

She continued, "There is an area in the parking lot where it's more popular to park than other areas, because you can get a good view. But I wasn't able to park there, since I came at a popular time, and the parking lot was almost full." 

She went on, "I parked at the very back, and saw a female celebrity coming out of one car. I was like, 'Oh, she must've just visited by herself or with friends.' But then a few moments later, a male celebrity came out of the car as well. It was for sure that the two were on a date." 
SOYOUYe Ji Won playfully responded, "Why didn't you go up to them and say hi?!"

In response to this, SOYOU laughed and said, "Well, I thought it would be best to give them quiet support from distance. I also thought to myself, 'Wow, they look so good together.' I felt jealous, as I was single unlike them, and was all by myself at Han River." 

Then, Son Dam Bi asked SOYOU whether she has ever come to Han River with her boyfriend in the past. 

SOYOU answered, "Yes, I have. It wasn't for a date though. We had something serious to discuss, so we came to Han River for a talk." 
SOYOU(Credit= MBN A Vacation in Hotel Suites) 

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