BLACKPINK JENNIE Reveals That She's Into Golf These Days

By  JW Yoo  | Jun 21, 2022

JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK revealed that she's into golf these days.

Recently, JENNIE graced the cover of fashion magazine W Korea's July issue.

During the cover photo shoot, W Korea held a short interview with JENNIE.
JENNIEIn the interview video released on June 20, JENNIE briefly answered to questions asking about what she's been up to these days.

In regard to her YouTube channel, JENNIE shared that she wants to have a Q&A session, answering questions that she received from BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fandom).
JENNIETo the question, "Any plans for summer vacation?", JENNIE said, "I would be so thankful if I were able to get a vacation, but sadly, I don't think I will have a summer vacation this year."
JENNIEDuring the interview, JENNIE also shared that she is into golf these days.

When asked what sport does she want to learn in the future other than golfing, JENNIE said, "For now, I will focus on learning golf more seriously."
JENNIEMeanwhile, BLACKPINK members are in preparation for the group's long-awaited comeback.

(Credit= W Korea, 'jennierubyjane' Instagram)

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