"I'm a Huge Fan, Can I Get a Hug?" Han Ji Min Surprises Jung Eun Hye at Her Movie Premiere

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 21, 2022

"I'm a Huge Fan, Can I Get a Hug?" Han Ji Min Surprises Jung Eun Hye at Her Movie Premiere
Actres Han Ji Min surprised Jung Eun Hye―actress with Down syndrome―at the VIP premiere for her movie 'Please Make Me Look Pretty', which is a documentary that depicts the journey of her life. 

On June 20, Han Ji Min updated her Instagram with some new videos. 

In the first post, Han Ji Min was seen going up to Jung Eun Hye who was waiting around the theater for the VIP premiere for her movie to begin. 

Then, she tapped Jung Eun Hye on the shoulders and said, "I'm a huge fan of yours. Can I please get a hug from you?" 

At first, Jung Eun Hye stood there, looking confused, but as soon as Han Ji Min started to speak, she immediately recognized who it was. 

Jung Eun Hye smiled and hugged her saying, "Oh, Young-ok (the name of Han Ji Min's character in 'Our Blues')!"

Over this video, Han Ji Min wrote, "Surprise! A reunion with my sister."; Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye recently featured in their drama 'Our Blues' as twin sisters. 

In the next video, there was Jung Eun Hye introducing herself to the audience of her movie during the VIP premiere, and Han Ji Min going wild. 

On top of the video, Han Ji Min wrote, "Come and watch 'Please Make Me Look Pretty'. It's scheduled to be unveiled on June 23!" 
Jung Eun HyeThen, Han Ji Min also went live on Instagram with Jung Eun Hye together. 

Han Ji Min told her followers about 'Please Make Me Look Pretty', and explained that she came to the VIP premiere to see Jung Eun Hye, because she missed her badly. 

The actress stated, "I've known Eun Hye for months now, and she's such a bright, pure and honest person who makes people around her happy. She certainly makes me feel happy." 

She continued, "In that sense, I believe this movie will make you feel happy. I'll be watching the movie today at the VIP premiere, but I'm going to watch it again with my family on June 23."

Although nobody asked Han Ji Min to promote Jung Eun Hye's movie, she continued to encourage everyone to watch it until the time they had to leave for the premiere and end their live broadcast. 

(Credit= 'roma.emo' Instagram) 

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