VIDEO: IU Bumps Into Her Fan on the Street & Warmly Greets Her

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 22, 2022

Singer/actress IU met a fan on the street of Cannes, France, and her warm interaction with the lucky fan grabbed the attention of many.

Last month, IU attended the '75th Cannes Film Festival' to promote her latest film 'Broker'.
IU (Getty)During her visit to Cannes, one lucky fan bumped into IU on the street.

In the video shared by the fan online, the fan asked IU for her autograph and asked, "Are you having fun here?"
IUTo this, IU responded in Korean, "Do I have a pen? Oh fun, did I have fun? Yes!"
IUAs the fan's friend and IU taking photos together, IU was surprised to see her fan having a photo of IU on her phone case.

To this, IU smiled said, "Wow, she really is a big fan."
IUIn the film 'Broker', IU took on the role of 'So-young', a young single mother who left her son in a baby box but decided to go find her son again.

The film's another main lead, actor Song Kang-ho, took home the Best Actor award at this year's 'Cannes Film Festival' for his role of a baby broker named 'Sang-hyun'.
(Credit= CJ ENM, 'shuxinbb' Twitter, GettyImagesKorea)

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