Rian·Gabee Say, "We Weren't Allowed to Use the Same Restroom as Singers Since We Were Dancers"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 22, 2022

Rian·Gabee Say, "We Weren't Allowed to Use the Same Restroom as Singers Since We Were Dancers"
Dancers Rian and Gabee talked about the time when they were not allowed to use the same restroom as singers because they were dancers. 

On June 20 episode of MBN's television show 'A Vacation in Hotel Suites', Rian and Gabee featured as guests. 

While having a meal at a restaurant with actress So E Hyun, Rian shared how she started dancing. 

Rian said, "I joined a dance club when I was in middle school, and performed at the school festival. After the performance, everybody told me how great I was, and I just couldn't forget the crowd cheering for me and my team when we performed. I fell completely in love with dancing then. From there, I got to where I am now." 

Gabee stated, "It was the same for me. I became a dancer solely with that pure love for dance. I just knew I wanted to dance for a living. I didn't really think of money though. I was young, so I thought, 'I'm sure I'll make enough to buy food for myself.' That's how I ended up becoming a dancer, and thankfully a good opportunity has recently found us." 
A Vacation in Hotel SuitesThen, So E Hyun asked them if there were any difficulties they faced as dancers before they became known to the public. 

Rian answered, "Lots, actually. There were lots of times when I felt upset because I was a dancer. When I went to perform for a singer before, I used to get told to use another restroom, because the restroom that I was about to go was only for singers, not for dancers. I thought that was kind of unfair." 

Gabee added, "I've been there, too. They told me to go around and use the restroom really far away. It was like, 'We're humans like them. Why are they treating us like that?'", then laughed, seeming like she can laugh about it now. 
A Vacation in Hotel SuitesAfterwards, So E Hyun commented, "When I started gaining fame, I worried that the fame would disappear soon. It was too dream-like at first." 

Gabee nodded and responded, "Yeah, that's exactly how I feel at the moment. I believe this all can even disappear tomorrow." 

Rian said, "It's like that for me as well. Some people around me have said to me, 'How long do you really think dancers will be popular for?' Whenever I hear something like that, I try not to forget why I'm a dancer, and why I stepped into this world." 
A Vacation in Hotel SuitesBoth Rian and Gabee have over 10 years of experience as dancers, but only recently started gaining attention from the public following their appearance in Mnet's survival show 'Street Woman Fighter'. 

After 'Street Woman Fighter' last year, a lot of talented but not famous dancers began to be in the spotlight, and more people learned about their job. 

It was previously revealed that the industry poorly treated dancers before 'Street Woman Fighter'.

(Credit= MBN A Vacation in Hotel Suites) 

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