K-pop Trainees Say Lots of Trainees Secretly Date Each Other Although They Are Not Allowed

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 22, 2022

K-pop Trainees Say Lots of Trainees Secretly Date Each Other Although They Are Not Allowed
K-pop trainee and former K-pop trainee shared what it is like to be a K-pop trainee. 

On one popular YouTube channel, Bin Ha-neul and Choi Ye-jin made a guest appearance.

Bin Ha-neul is a trainee who has been training at different agencies for about seven years, and Choi Ye-jin is a 20-year-old girl who used to train with Bin Ha-neul in the past. 

Bin Ha-neul and Choi Ye-jin took time to respond to questions and statements that K-pop fans asked and wrote about K-pop trainee life. 
YouTube: AYOOne fan stated, "I remember reading about RM quickly putting his ice cream in his pocket as he saw his agency staff walking towards him when he was secretly eating an ice cream. That story is just hilarious." 

Bin Ha-neul responded, "Ah yes, there were some agencies that were stricter about dieting than others. When I was part of one of them, I even bought a rope from a stationery store and tied that to my backpack. With that, I threw the backpack outside the window, had the delivery man put tteok-bokki in the backpack and pulled the backpack up to the studio." 

Choi Ye-jin said, "I once went on a diet for a long time because my agency said so, but one day, I couldn't get rid of my appetite. So, I just ate and ate. But then, I was asked to go on the scale almost right after that. Since they found out that I've gained weight, they made me run around the neighborhood nine times."

She continued, "The weight most agencies aim us to be is the number you get after deducting 120 from your height in centimeters." 

Bin Ha-neul nodded and commented, "Yeah, I think you have to be like, 'Oh my...! You're too skinny!' in real life to look good on camera. But once you make debut, a lot of agencies will allow you to eat much more, because you become busy and you have to eat enough to get all those things done." 
YouTube: AYOFollowing their answer, they read a question asking if trainees really do not date each other despite all of them being good-looking. 

Bin Ha-neul immediately said, "Let me just be honest with you guys. They do, like a lot. Like this person said, many trainees are handsome and beautiful. They always see each other when training and stuff. It's not very surprising that a great number of them turn into couples." 

Choi Ye-jin added, "Exactly. Since they all have the same goal, and understand one another more than anyone else. So, it's common seeing a trainee dating another trainee." 

When the producer asked the two, "Is that allowed?", Bin Ha-neul and Choi Ye-jin both burst out laughing and answered, "No, no. It's not. If they get caught, it'll turn into a disaster. They would keep it to themselves, and try their best to keep it out of the staff." 

They also stated, "They would constantly delete messages and records on their mobile phones. But I've never dated another trainee! I'm innocent!", then laughed. 

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