HAECHAN Reveals Why Now Is the Best Time for NCT DREAM to Make a Change

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 22, 2022

HAECHAN Reveals Why Now Is the Best Time for NCT DREAM to Make a Change
K-pop boy group NCT DREAM's member HAECHAN revealed that he thinks the time has come for his group to make a change. 

Recently, fashion magazine @star1 released HAECHAN's pictorial online. 

Along with the pictorial, the magazine shared an interview of HAECHAN. 

As NCT DREAM made their comeback with a repackaged album 'Beatbox' last month and has been holding lots of concerts outside Korea, HAECHAN talked about the busy days that he is having these days. 

HAECHAN said, "It didn't hit me until I was on my way to the airport. It felt kind of awkward in a way as well. But it felt amazing to be able to see fans and perform with them actually being there." 
HAECHANThen, the interviewer mentioned all members of NCT DREAM finally turning into adults last year, entering their 20s (Korean age). 

HAECHAN stated, "Yeah, we talked about how it was time for us to make a change now. We debuted when we were really young. At that time, a lot of people gave us love and support, and found us cute, even when we were not good, and made mistakes. That was all simply because we were that young." 

He continued, "Nowadays, we're working much harder for our performances so that everyone can feel that we're really going to show them something soon." 
HAECHANCompared to his early debut days, HAECHAN explained what part of him made the most improvement after that. 

He commented, "I think I still have the same heart as the time when I made debut. But I'm getting to know what strengths I have, and the advantages I have as someone in his early 20s. I'm sure there is a charm that only 23-year-old HAECHAN holds right at this moment. I'm just glad that I didn't give up during rough times."

He added, "My fellow members really helped me through those difficult times. They was the reason why I didn't give up." 
HAECHANNCT DREAM made debut with a sensational song 'Chewing Gum' in August 2016. 

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