LOONA Chuu's Fan Speaks Up About the Mistreatment of the Agency

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 22, 2022

K-pop girl group LOONA's member Chuu's fansite master has spoken up about the alleged mistreatment to the singer by the agency.

According to reports on June 22, Chuu is currently preparing to part ways with her current management agency, Blockberry Creative.
LOONA ChuuEarlier this year, multiple news outlets reported that Chuu has filed for a legal termination of her exclusive contract with the agency; resulted in the court's partial approval on Chuu's request.

At the time, Blockberry Creative did not issue an official statement regarding the matter.

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LOONA ChuuThen on June 22, one famous fansite master of Chuu took to his/her Twitter account and shared the alleged mistreatment of the agency.

The fan wrote, "I was not saying anything up to now, but the agency haven't been providing Ji-woo (Chuu's real name) a manager for her solo actitivies since May. Ji-woo has been taking taxis for her schedules, and she's been carrying her own luggages."

The fan added, "If only she had to take taxis for her individual and undisclosed schedules, I would not speak up like this. But for yesterday's schedule, which took applications for fans to come watch, they didn't provide a proper management and made her carry her own luggage again as she got off work alone."
LOONA ChuuThe fansite master firmly added that if the agency denies such mistreatment, then he/she would refute with photos that were taken as a proof.

Meanwhile, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu will be sitting out from LOONA's upcoming world tour '2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD]' due to her individual schedules.
LOONA Chuu(Credit= Blockberry Creative)

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