Kim Seon Ho Officially Announces His Return With the Play 'Touching the Void'

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 23, 2022

Kim Seon Ho
Actor Kim Seon Ho is gearing up for his return to the industry through the upcoming play 'Touching the Void'.

On June 22, Kim Seon Ho's management agency SALT Entertainment released the actor's character poster for 'Touching the Void'.
Kim Seon Ho'Touching the Void' is based on the real story of two British adventurers―Joe Simpson and Simon Yates―who almost fell to death during their journey to the summit of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes.

For the upcoming Korean adaptation of the play, Kim Seon Ho takes the role of Joe Simpson.
Kim Seon HoIn the poster, there is Joe Simpson's line in the play that reads, "No one has ever seen this view before. Right now, we are the only ones who have seen it."

This marks as Kim Seon Ho's first acting return in over eight months, since the actor announced his temporary hiatus in October 2021.
Kim Seon HoMeanwhile, 'Touching the Void' will welcome the audience from July 8 to September 18 at Daehak-ro Art One Theater, Seoul.

(Credit= SALT Entertainment)

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