Gang Dong Won Shares He Sees Great Potential in IU's Acting Career

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 23, 2022

Gang Dong Won Shares He Sees Great Potential in IU's Acting Career
Actor Gang Dong Won revealed that he sees great potential in K-pop artist/actress IU's career in acting.

Recently, Gang Dong Won had an interview with news outlet Wikitree about his recently-premiered movie 'Broker'. 

During the interview, Gang Dong Won shared what kind of vibe the filming site for 'Broker' had. 

The actor said, "We were in the countryside for our shooting. It just made the shooting much more fun, because we were out of the city." 

He continued, "I think that helped me to focus on the shooting and my character more as well. I also like the fact that we were the only ones around there." 
Gang Dong WonThen, Gang Dong Won talked about working with IU, who starred in 'Broker' with him together. 

Gang Dong Won stated, "I'm sure everybody knows already, but her acting is amazing. I can only see bright days ahead of her as an actress." 

He went on, "I feel like she will be able to pull off any kind of character that is given to her. She will play all her upcoming roles so well." 
Gang Dong Won'Broker' tells the tale of 'Sang-hyun' (actor Song Kang Ho) and 'Woo-sung' (Gang Dong Won) who are trying to arrange an adoptive home for an unwanted infant; the child's mother 'So-young' (IU) unexpectedly tags along on their journey. 

At 'Cannes Film Festival' that took place last month, Song Kang Ho was named 'Best Actor' for his performance in 'Broker', and the team of 'Broker' were invited to the event. 
Gang Dong Won(Credit= YG Entertainment, 'dlwlrma' Instagram) 

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