Dancer no:ze Takes Her Braces Off; She Has Become Even More Beautiful

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 23, 2022

Dancer no:ze Takes Her Braces Off; She Has Become Even More Beautiful
Dancer no:ze was seen without her braces that she had for about half a year, and she looked even more beautiful now. 

Recently, no:ze took her braces off and everyone is going wild. 

no:ze was one of the dancers who participated in Mnet's fierce competition show 'Street Woman Fighter' that was aired last year. 

'Street Woman Fighter' was a very popular television show, especially among female youngsters. 

Through the show, a lot of talented but unknown dancers finally made their names out there and no:ze is one of them. 
no:zeno:ze definitely had amazing dancing skills, but her beauty also made a lot of people fall in love with her. 

At that time, she was also known for her smile―she had the front teeth that reminded many of an adorable bunny that they even named her smile, 'bunny smile'. 

Following the show though, no:ze was seen with braces; it seemed like her front teeth were something that she took as her flaw unlike her fans. 

Some fans were sad about losing her 'bunny smile', but they were excited about her new look at the same time. 
no:zeThen, just a while ago, no:ze had her braces removed, which she had for about six months. 

Although she did lose her 'bunny smile', the great percentage of fans' as well as the public opinion is that she has become prettier than before, when she was already incredibly pretty. 

They left comments such as, "She's no longer a bunny, but she is like 10 times prettier now!", "I was worried that she wouldn't look as beautiful after braces, but I was wrong. There was no need to be worried at all!", "Gosh, she is super gorgeous!" and so on. 
no:zeno:ze(Credit= Online Community, Mnet Street Woman Fighter, 'nonozeworld' Twitter, 'nozeworld' Instagram) 

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