Kim Saeron Personally Visits & Apologizes to All Businesses Affected by Her Accident

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 24, 2022

Kim Saeron
Actress Kim Saeron revealed to have apologized in person to all local businesses affected by her recent car accident.

According to reports on June 23, Kim Saeron is currently in the final stage of settlements with businesses and buildings affected by her accident.

Kim Saeron has reportedly visited all affected businesses in person, sharing her words of apology.
Kim SaeronBack on May 18, Kim Saeron's vehicle had rammed multiple roadside structures―including an electrical transformer―at Hakdong intersection, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

The accident caused a temporary power outage in the surrounded neighborhood, and the repairing process took more than five hours.
Kim SaeronThe actress was driving under the influence, and her blood alcohol concentration level was over 0.08%.

0.08% is the level that is high enough for a driver's license to be revoked.

Following the incident, Kim Saeron took to her personal Instagram and stated, "Due to my inappropriate decision and actions, I caused damages to so many people, including business owners in the area, citizens, and public service workers. I failed to act with consideration and responsibility. I sincerely apologize for causing the incident."
Kim Saeron(Credit= GOLDMEDALIST, SBS Entertainment News, Online Community)

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