The Members of WINNER Reveal Why They Are Proud to Be Part of the Group

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 24, 2022

The Members of WINNER Reveal Why They Are Proud to Be Part of the Group
The four members of WINNER―YOON, HOONY, MINO and JINU revealed how proud to be part of the group. 

Recently, one fashion magazine shared an interview of WINNER online. 

During the interview, WINNER talked about making their comeback in over two years―the last album they dropped was 'Remember' in April 2020. 

WINNER said, "It's been like two years since, but it doesn't feel too new or awkward. We've been a team for years now, so I think we're used to being by ourselves as well as together." 
WINNERThen, they were asked what sort of pride they had as WINNER. 

MINO answered, "We won our first music show trophy only four days after we made debut. And we still have the same passion as that time. That's what makes me proud." 

HOONY responded, "It's really important that we're making one music with four voices, and I feel proud that we were able to do this until this day. On our way here, we had to make some compromises with each other and we've done it so well." 
WINNERYOON commented, "We all pride our music, and I believe we have a broad spectrum as well. We also have the right talent and great musical skills." 

Lastly, JINU stated, "I just like seeing us four in one frame. Whether it's appearance-wise or the kind of vibe that we give off, I feel like we're a perfect photo. It almost seems as if we were meant to be with one another." 
WINNERWINNER made debut in August 2014, following YG Entertainment's competition show 'WIN: WHO IS NEXT' that was aired in 2013.  

The group is scheduled to release the group's new album 'HOLIDAY' on July 5. 

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