NAYEON Shares How Pressured She Felt to Be the First TWICE Member to Go Solo

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 24, 2022

NAYEON Shares How Pressured She Felt to Be the First TWICE Member to Go Solo
NAYEON of K-pop girl group TWICE revealed that she felt quite pressured about being the first group member to go solo, but was able to get rid of the pressure while preparing 'IM NAYEON'. 

On June 24, NAYEON held a press conference for her first-ever solo album 'IM NAYEON'. 

During the press conference, NAYEON said, "The public is so used to seeing me as a member of TWICE, and I'm sure there is this particular image about me that is set in their heads." 

She resumed, "I tried not to break out of that image too much, while trying to show a different side of myself at the same time. That was one of the things that I paid the most attention to when I was preparing for my solo album." 
NAYEONThen, NAYEON revealed that since she was the first member of TWICE to go solo, she felt really pressured at first. 

NAYEON stated, "Not only did I feel pressured, but I also felt like it was not easy doing everything by myself. That was especially so when I was recording my songs and practicing dance moves." 

She explained, "There are many members in TWICE, so I've never had to record the whole song by myself nor dance by myself. It turned out I had a fear of singing by myself as well." 
NAYEONAfter that, NAYEON shared how she overcame the difficulties. 

The K-pop star said, "I just kept trying my best to enjoy the whole journey as much as I could, and I slowly learned the ways to sing in my own way. I also realized how much I loved singing." 

She continued, "There were times as the group member when I felt there were limits to what I could do. I kind of feel like I passed those limits with 'IM NAYEON', so I feel happy about that." 

She added, "With this album, I hope to let everybody know that each TWICE has a different color, and make them look forward to solo albums of other members of TWICE." 
NAYEON(Credit= 'JYPETWICE' Facebook) 

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