VIDEO: RAIN Shares that Kim Tae-hee Is the Boss in the House

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 24, 2022

VIDEO: RAIN Shares that Kim Tae-hee Is the Boss in the House
Singer RAIN revealed who the boss is at his home. 

On June 17, a new video was uploaded on model Hong Jin-kyung's YouTube channel.

In the video, Hong Jin-kyung was seen speaking to entertainers Nam Chang-hee and Cho Se-ho about how she wants to make a video featuring actress Kim Tae-hee. 

Hong Jin-kyung said she wished for Kim Tae-hee to share her tips on getting into Seoul National University―top university in Korea. 
Hong Jin-kyung's YouTubeCho Se-ho said, "If you want Kim Tae-hee to be in your video, we should first try to call people who know Kim Tae-hee well, whether they could ask her for us." 

He continued, "Well, RAIN is my friend. We aren't that close though, so I can't just unexpectedly call him with cameras around. But let me ask him in advance if he is okay with me calling him with cameras around.", then he went to call RAIN and got an okay from him.
Hong Jin-kyung's YouTubeWhen RAIN answered the phone, Hong Jin-kyung, Nam Chang-hee and Cho Se-ho explained why they called him. 

Upon hearing it, RAIN laughed and commented, "Is that the reason why you guys called? To ask me if I could get her on the show? I mean, I'm sure she would be delighted to hear how much you guys want her to join your video, but she's the kind of person who likes to be part of 'fun' videos. She feels too pressured to join anything like that, you know." 

In response to this, Hong Jin-kyung said, "Ah well, yes, I understand. She's never appeared on your YouTube videos either, and that really explains how much she doesn't enjoy being in videos. It was simply a hope. I'm happy enough that I got to talk to you today." 

Then, RAIN laughingly stated, "Yeah, I'm also not in the position to make that kind of suggestion to her. She's the boss in the house.", then added, "It would have been nice if this call was to ask me to join you." 

RAIN and Kim Tae-hee have been married for about five and a half years now since January 2017. 

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