VIDEO: Park Bo Gum Spotted Taking a Selfie with Every Fan in Paris

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 27, 2022

VIDEO: Park Bo Gum Spotted Taking a Selfie with Every Fan in Paris
Actor Park Bo Gum showed his sweetest manner to fans in Paris. 

On June 24, Park Bo Gum left to Paris, France to attend a fashion show held by one French designer brand for their 2023 S/S collection. 

He took a private jet to Paris with V of K-pop boy group BTS and LISA of girl group BLACKPINK, who were invited to the show with him. 
Park Bo GumBefore the show began on June 26, Park Bo Gum was spotted around Paris for a photo shoot as well as tour. 

He bumped into lots of fans in the city, and it was said that he took photos with every fan asking for a photo together. 

He signed an autograph for them, and sweetly asked for their names to write at the top as well. 

Not only that, he also responded to fans' comments without losing his smile for a single second, even though there were so many of them. 
For the fashion show, Park Bo Gum styled himself in black that made him look fashionable and mature. 

With his stylish look as well as handsome appearance, he made all people at the fashion show mesmerized by him. 

According to those lucky fans who happened to see him in Paris, he looks so amazing in real life that his photos and videos do not do it justice. 

No cameras were able to capture his beauty like how he looks in reality. 

Park Bo Gum has only just returned to the industry in the end of April following his military discharge, and everybody is excited to see more of him in public after this. 
Park Bo Gum(Credit= Online Community, 'hommesthailand' Instagram) 

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