Jung Taewoo's First Son Gains Attention for His K-pop Star-like Looks

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 27, 2022

Jung Taewoo's First Son Gains Attention for His K-pop Star-like Looks
Actor Jung Taewoo's first son is gaining attention for his K-pop star-like appearance. 

On June 25, Jung Taewoo's family guested on KBS' television show 'Home Man'. 

Jung Taewoo is an actor who has been in the industry since 1988 when he was little. 

He married flight attendant Jang In-hee in 2009, and has two sons―Jung Ha-jun (14 years old in Korean age) and Jung Ha-rin (8 years old in Korean age). 
Jung Tae-woo's sonAt the beginning of the episode, each family member introduced themselves. 

When Jung Ha-jun introduced himself, the hosts watching the video gasped in surprise. 

It was because he looked so good-looking; they said he even reminded them of JIN of K-pop boy group BTS, who is known for his good looks. 

Surprisingly, he really did have similar features as JIN, indeed. 
Jung Tae-woo's sonAfter this episode was aired, Jung Ha-jun rapidly became the talk of the Internet. 

Lots of viewers left comments saying how Jung Ha-jun could make debut as a K-pop star. 

Their comments included, "No way, he's too good-looking not to enter the K-pop industry.", "He's exactly the type of K-pop star we need in the next generation K-pop group!", "I mean, both his parents do look amazing, so that explains all!", "So looking forward to his future...!" and so on. 
Jung Tae-woo's son(Credit= KBS Home Man, '_jungtaewoo' Instagram) 

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