Kim Go-eun Adopts a Rescue Dog with an Incurable Disease

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 28, 2022

Kim Go-eun Adopts a Rescue Dog with an Incurable Disease
Actress Kim Go-eun adopted a rescue dog despite the dog having an incurable disease. 

On June 28, one animal shelter updated their Instagram with a heartwarming story. 

They wrote that 'Wol' was recently adopted by Kim Go-eun, and expressed gratitude to her. 
Kim Go-eun's dogIn their post, they said, "Wol was found in the middle of nowhere, far from where people come and go. He seemed scared of strangers at first, but he probably felt starving, because we were easily able to capture him with a snack. He appeared to be about six months old at that time." 

They continued, "As we were preparing for his adoption, we discovered that he couldn't balance himself well when walking. Even though he wasn't well, Kim Go-eun said she wanted to take him home. At first, he kept bumping into the wall, throwing up and having diarrhea. He was often spending his time at the vet then. But he became totally okay at one point, so we thought everything was going to be okay."
Kim Go-eun's dogThey went on, "When he had a brain MRI scan while getting neutered though, we discovered that he had pneumocephalus as well as encephalomeningocele, incurable brain diseases that he has to live with for the rest of his life. It would be very dangerous for him to go under surgery, so there's pretty much nothing it could be done to cure him." 

Lastly, the animal shelter added, "We feel terrible that Wol has to live with the disease, and would like to apologize to Kim Go-eun. But thank her for still taking him in as part of her family in spite of all this. Please pray for Wol, everyone." 

Under this post, Kim Go-eun left a comment saying, "I'll take good care of him." with a heart emoji. 

There were also before and after photos of 'Wol' in a poor condition when he had just been rescued, as well as 'Wol' with Kim Go-eun. 

He definitely looked much healthier and happier with Kim Go-eun, without seeming ill at all. 

Presently, a lot of people are flooding the comment section about Kim Go-eun's ever so warm heart and kindness. 

(Credit= 'dangjin_adoptus' 'ggonekim' Instagram) 

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