BTS V & BLACKPINK LISA Spotted Pole Dancing at a Party

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 28, 2022

K-pop groups BTS' V and BLACKPINK's LISA were spotted pole dancing at an after party in Paris, France.

Recently, V, LISA, and actor Park Bo Gum headed to Paris to attend one luxury brand's fashion show.

The three superstars not only graced the main event, but also attended the after party together.
V, LISA, Park Bo GumIn photos and videos that were taken at the after party, there was a pole installed at the club where the after party was held.

It seems like both V and LISA―except for Park Bo Gum―could not help but to try their hand at pole dancing during the party.
In one video, LISA is seen attempting to spin around the pole.

After failing her first attempt, the BLACKPINK member held up one finger and said, "One more!", and successfully made a spin at her second attempt.
In another video, V is also seen making a spin around the pole; even with another individual on the pole together with him.

Meanwhile, V, LISA, and Park Bo Gum safely arrived back in Seoul on June 28.
V, LISA, Park Bo Gum(Credit= CELINE, 'spinorbinmusic' Twitter)

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